Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Farm Wedding Video- Kakie Wedding

When you plan a wedding on a farm and worry about it raining... The worst case scenario... Here is a video of how it can work out.  If you don't let the rain get you down. 

We had the ceremony set up for our guests.  Upon arrival, guests had cocktail hour FIRST and enjoyed the scenery, some food, and some drinks before our ceremony.  This was great because this allowed just enough time for everyone to arrive and for me to get under the tent.  

During our first dance is when the sky opened up and just poured.  I had chosen a clear middle section of the roof of the tent so it was neat to see the rain come tumbling down over us.  It really made our wedding feel more intimate as all of the guests were huddled in the tent with us.... Nothing left to do... but CELEBRATE.

My Husband, Michael Dempsey,  (http://www.dempseyphotography.com) is a professional photographer in New Jersey so I was not surprised when he chose to pick Live Pictures Studios (NY/NJ Based Videographers http://www.livepicturestudios.com). They traveled all the way to Pennsylvania for our wedding.  As you see here from our video highlight... They are above and beyond amazing.  I had seen many of their videos before and am so honored to have had them at my wedding.  They are highly professional and look at the quality you get!

Kate and Michael Wedding Highlight at the Murray Farm, PA from Live Picture Studios on Vimeo.

Everything that you see in my wedding was planned by me or my family. Want to know how we did it or why?  Drop a comment?  I will tell all!  Yes, I did get bored one day and carve "Mrs. Dempsey" into my wedding shoe.   That's how I roll, Homeslice.  

Posting blog now... editing as I go..... It's the only way for me to get blogs out fast enough!!!